Prizm Strong Starter Kit
Prizm Strong Starter Kit

Prizm Strong Starter Kit

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The starter kit includes 1-10 ml. bottle of Prizm Strong and a mini LED nail lamp.  Great addition for those on the run!

Prizm Strong instantly, makes nails hard yet flexible, so you can grow beautiful nails...guaranteed.

New technology has allowed us to create a product unlike anything you have used before.

In under 10 minutes, you can have strong healthier nails protected from everyday wear and tear.

To use, apply the product to your natural nail, let sit for a few moments...wipe product off and cure under LED light.  That's it! 

Prizm is perfect for those who have weak, brittle, broken, damaged, split and peeling nails.  Imagine your nails instantly strong... you can grow your own natural nails.

Works great under gel, acrylic or dip nails to prevent and repair damage. 

Prizm can be used as a strengthening base, under the application of nail enhancements.

Just want to wear "regular" polish...Well Prizm is perfect for you, as it will create a stronger base for polish to adhere to.  This extends manicure adhesion and prevents nail polish from damaging nails.  Yes, "regular" nail polish can damage nails too.  

Have you ever noticed those "white" spots on your natural nails or toes?  Those are either the result of nail polish damaging your natural nail, or sometimes a mark from an injury.  In either case, Prizm will make your nails harder and better able to withstand such day to day wear and tear. 


Try Prizm it or your money back!