The Prizm Story

As the founder of Prizm, I am one of those unfortunate people who, just can't grow my own nails. I have always loved nails, so I entered the industry 30 years ago, and found it to be a fun and creative way to help people improve the appearance of their hands.

I have always loved this aspect of the nail industry. However as time has moved on, I have hoped to see something new and innovative come into the market, something that actually helps to grow your own nails, and DOESN'T DAMAGE them. I've been waiting a long time, and to my surprise, nothing has come out that fits these needs.

This is again, when I entered the industry; I decided to create a product that would enhance your natural nails strength and integrity.

Now introducing Prizm Strong! This product actually works with your natural nail, to create the most beautiful and strong nails you could ever imagine calling your own.