Prizm Use

Prizm is a unique product unlike any other.  While it is extremely easy to apply, there are a few tips that will enhance your results.

How to apply Prizm

  •  Shape nails with a fine emery board.

  •  Cleanup the cuticle area.

  •  Buffing the nail is NOT necessary, but can be done gently if the nails need smoothing.

  •  Wipe nail with alcohol or acetone. You want the nail clean and dry.

  •  Apply Prizm Strong to the nail and allow to sit on the nail for at least 2 minutes, this is a very important step. *Do not use outside, or around sunlight. This product is UV activated.

  •  Wipe all remaining product off nail with a paper towel (or similar). *This may seem strange, but Prizm Strong utilizes the residue of the product for it's effectiveness. The will never need to remove Prizm Strong.

  •  Set under UV/LED light for 2-3 minutes (time varies depending upon your light source and age of bulbs) LED-2 min/UV-3 min. 

If using lacquer nail polish to top off your manicure:

~Start with Prizm Strong; apply as directed. Then add your preferred products; base, color and topcoat. *Do not wipe nail with alcohol before base, the residue adds to the adhesion.

If you are finishing your manicure with gel polish:

Start with Prizm Strong, apply as directed.

~ Must wipe nail with alcohol prior to applying the gel base coat.

~ Apply gel system as directed. Base, Color, and Top coat.