Prizm Use

Prizm is a unique product unlike any other.  While it is extremely easy to apply, there are a few tips that will enhance your results.

How to apply Prizm

  •  Shape nails with a fine emery board.

  •  Cleanup the cuticle area.

  •  Buffing the nail is NOT necessary, but can be done gently if the nails need smoothing.

  •  Wipe nail with isopropyl alcohol or acetone. You want the nail clean and dry.

  •  Apply Prizm Strong to the nail and allow to sit on the nail for at least 3-5 minutes, this is a very important step. *Do not use outside, or around sunlight. This product is UV activated.

  •  Wipe all remaining product off nail with a paper towel (or similar). *This may seem strange, but Prizm Strong utilizes the residue of the product for it's effectiveness. The will never need to remove Prizm Strong.

  •  Set under UV/LED light for 2-3 minutes (time varies depending upon your light source and age of bulbs) LED-2 min/UV-3 min. 

If using lacquer nail polish to top off your manicure:

~Start with Prizm Strong; apply as directed. Then add your preferred products; base, color and topcoat. *Do not wipe nail with alcohol before base, the residue adds to the adhesion.

If you are finishing your manicure with gels, acrylic or dip systems:

Start with Prizm Strong, apply as directed above.

~ Once cured, you must etch by lightly buffing the nail, then wipe nail with isopropyl alcohol prior to applying your enhancement system. Make sure the cuticle area is free from all remaining product prior to applying gel polish, acrylic systems or dip systems.  

~ Prizm will keep nails healthier while using these nail enhancements!