Prizm Strong was created out of a dire need in the nail industry...the need for a product that strengthens nails...instantly repairs damaged nails...and protects nails against damage.

What Prizm does...

Are you tired of weak, peeling, splitting and cracking nails?

Prizm Strong is here to help; it is not a polish, it is a nail treatment. You may ask, what is a nail treatment? Simply put, it is a protective sealer meant to protect your nails from the damage of everyday wear and tear. Prizm seals the nail, minimizing damage due to nail products; including lacquers, gels and acrylics.

If your goal is to have amazing natural nails, no problem, Prizm can be used by itself or under polish; helping to create beautiful strong flexible nails that grow!

Prizm works by infusing a protective residue into your nails that instantly strengthens weak peeling, splitting, damaged and cracking nails.

Prizm uses a new method of application as well; it works using the residue of the product to create it's magic, leaving nails protected and strong with no chipping or the need for removal.

Prizm Strong is Patent Pending.

Now offering your money back if you don't love Prizm Strong!

Hard to believe that one product can do all "that"!  I get you; with our money back offer you can be rest assured that you can return the product if you don't see results!  

Please use as directed on the Prizm Use page.